Educational Robot Kit

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  • We make coding easy for kids to learn.

  • KINI is the only educational robot that combines a hands-on physical learning experience for children with true teaching insight for educators.

  • Unlike alternative teaching methods that are exclusively online, or are physical but offer no tie into teaching curriculum, KINI is designed from the ground up as a true edTech solution.

  • KINI offers kids a hands-on physical tool for bringing their programming skills to life at home or in the classroom, can be tailored to any teaching curriculum, and connects to Internet-based dashboards where educators can track a child’s progress and identify learning gaps. 

  • Included on-board Kini Sensors and Modules

    • RGB LED
    • Compass
    • Speaker
    • Batteries
    • Light Sensor
    • Lines Sensor
    • Speed Sensor
    • Magnetometer
    • Distance Sensor
    • Voice Commands
    • Spatial Orientation
    • WiFi Communication

  • The robotic kit, Kini, is controlled via the Kini App using WiFi

  • Available API for developers and enthusiasts on request.

    • Allowing to control Kini from any programming language that supports API commands or WebSockets