Meet KINI: The Educational Robot That Makes Learning Math and Coding Fun!

Feel the pride as your child elevates their math, science and coding inner genius with their new robot friend KINI!

Put a smile on your child’s face as they independently program and command their very first robot.

There is a new global language and your child needs to learn it: CODING

Exciting Activities for Every Age

Do a wheelie, respond to verbal commands, put on a light show, drive through an obstacle course, sing your favorite song, escape a maze, detect the temperature outside ...and a million more STEM activities for kids!

Getting Started With KINI is Easy!

1. Download the KINI app to a mobile device or use the online KINI app.

2. Turn on the robot using the power switch (on back of robot).

3. Connect KINI to the Wi-Fi by following the simple instructions included.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, and your child will be up and running!

Your child can learn with KINI from any compatible* tablet/mobile device:

Or directly from any browser:

The Robot Kit for Children That Combines Learning and Play!

- KINI is a robot for kids that comes pre-built and pre-installed. No set up required!

- Get inspired through a variety of STEM activities for kids available on the KINI App and Colmakers website. These videos provide educational and fun kids robotics content that is suitable for all ages and skill levels!

- KINI makes STEM robotics for kids enjoyable!

- KINI's Wi-Fi is bulletproof.

- Check in on your kid’s progress and creativity using our add-on parent portal. 

- STEM robotics for kids is essential - it’s even in school curriculums. So KINI, the kids robotics kit, helps continue this learning at home!

- The robot kit for kids is featured on the Colmakers Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, where you can see more robotic coding for kids in action!