About Us

At Colmakers, our mission is to redefine the way the next STEM generation learns to code. We strive to bridge the gap in STEM education, specifically in coding, in response to the fast-paced evolution of technology which poses a challenge for traditional teaching methodologies.

Our vision is a future where every child, regardless of their background, is prepared for the rapidly advancing world of technology. We envision creating a generation of children who are not just consumers of technology but creators and innovators.

Our mandate is to create innovative tools and platforms, such as our robot Kini, that make coding simple, engaging, and immersive for children. We provide real-time guidance, a tailored curriculum, compatibility with various programming languages, and over 100 interactive activities.



About the Kini Robot

We designed Kini from the ground up to acquaint the children of today with the world of tomorrow.

From its inception, Kini has served as both a blank canvas and a programmable platform, simplifying the process for children (and adults) to bring their robotic ideas to life and explore STEM/STEAM activities.

Kini is more than just a tool that moves forward and backward. It's a revolutionary device equipped with an array of sensors and modules, designed to provide immersive experiences and in-depth knowledge for STEM/STEAM projects. Moreover, no wires are needed to control it; everything works seamlessly via Wi-Fi. This ensures compatibility with any tablet, mobile device, or computer.

Our co-founder has been passionately innovating in the field of educational robotics since 2013. His journey is marked by constant learning, teaching, and contributing to this specialized niche. To highlight his dedication, here's a glimpse at one of the very first educational robots he created, a testament to our enduring commitment to transforming the way the next generation learns about technology and coding.


In 2016, we initiated in-person robotics workshops for children.


In 2020, we launched online robotic workshops.




Colmakers is empowering children, parents, and educators to have fun learning to code while teaching how to program robots.