About Us

We are building the foundation for the next STEM/STEAM generation.


About the Kini robot

We designed Kini from the ground up to introduce the children of today to this world of tomorrow.

From the beginning, Kini has been a blank canvas and a programmable platform that makes it easy for children (and grown-ups) to create their robotic ideas and explore STEM/STEAM activities.

Kini is more than only move forward and backward commands. Kini is a revolutionary tool that includes as many sensors and modules as possible within the robot to provide more profound experiences and knowledge on STEM/STEAM projects. And no wires are required to control it; all works magically via Wi-Fi. Yes, this means any tablet, mobile, or computer should be compatible with Kini.

Our co-founder has been developing robots since 2013. Here one of the very first robots:



In 2016, we launched robotic workshops for children in person.


In 2020, we launched robotic workshops online.




Colmakers is empowering children, parents, and educators to have fun learning to code while teaching how to program robots.