KINI Freeze Dance Challenge (Ages 5-8)

Novice Level


  • KINI Robot(s)

  • Mobile Device(s)

  • Music

  • Friends, Family Members or Classmates



  • Using the Joystick in the Game tab, make your KINI dance to the music 

  • Make sure to stop your KINI when the music stops, or else you’ll be out!


The Challenge

Each person that wants to play needs to have a KINI and a connected phone/tablet. Open the KINI App on your mobile device, and go to the Game tab. There will be a joystick that we are going to use for this challenge. Test it out by making your KINI move around the room.

One person who is not moving a KINI will be the music player. Choose any music you want, and press play. When you hear the music, move your KINI using the joystick. At some point, the music player will pause the music and everyone has to stop their KINI. The last person to stop their KINI (judged by the music player) is out!

Play more rounds, and the last person in wins! 


This game works best with more KINIs, but you can still play on your own! You can even try playing a mix of regular and KINI freeze dance, by having some dancers, and some KINI movers. 



  1. What worked well when playing? What didn’t?

  2. Did you win freeze dance? If so, how did you do it?

  3. What would you change when playing next time?