KINI Hopscotch Challenge (Ages 5-8)

 Intermediate Level



  • KINI Robot

  • Mobile Device

  • Chalk

  • Outdoor Area (Driveway, Sidewalk, Etc.)



  • With your parent’s help, use chalk to draw a hopscotch course outside.

  • Using the Joystick or Blockly, make your KINI go through a hopscotch course!


Code: A set of instructions for a computer. 

Outcome: The result of a code. For example, the outcome could be the movement of KINI.

The Challenge

With your parent’s help, get chalk and find a space outside. Draw a hopscotch course for KINI -- be as crazy as you want! Write numbers in each of the spaces. 


Place your KINI at the start of the hopscotch course. Then, use the joystick to help KINI play hopscotch! Watch to see which ways Kini has to turn -- it will help you later!

Once you’ve played hopscotch with the joystick a few times, put KINI back at the start. This time, write a code in Blockly using what you learnt about KINI’s movements before. You may need a bit of help from your parents for this step, as it will take a few tries to get the right code! 


Hopefully, the outcome of your Blockly code will be that KINI ends up at the end of the hopscotch course! If you want to challenge yourself, make your hopscotch course even crazier -- add obstacles, make it longer, and add lots of twists and turns!



Try to answer some or all of the questions below with your parent’s help:

  1. Was using the joystick or Blockly easier when moving KINI? Why?

  2. What worked well when using Blockly? What didn’t?

  3. What did you do to get KINI to the end of the hopscotch course?

  4. What would you change next time?