KINI Maze Challenge (Ages 5-8)

Intermediate Level


  • KINI Robot

  • Mobile Device

  • Masking/Painter’s Tape

  • Household Objects

    • Toys 

    • Books

    • Recycling (Cans, Boxes, Etc.)

  • Ruler


  • With the help of your family, friends, or classmates, build a maze using objects found in your house/school.

  • Help KINI go through a maze using the Joystick, Blockly, Sequential Events, and Outcomes.



Code: A set of instructions for a computer.

Sequence: An ordered set of steps.

Sequential Events: Actions that happen one at a time. The actions happen in order, one after another.

Outcome: The result of a code. For example, the outcome could be the movement of KINI.

The Challenge

Using objects that you can find in your house, set up a maze for KINI to go through. With your parent or teacher’s permission, use tape, toys, books, recycled materials (like cans or boxes), or whatever objects you can find to create the walls of a maze.


Once you have set up your maze, place KINI at the start of the maze. Use the joystick in the KINI App to move KINI through the maze.

Then, place KINI back at the start of the maze. Using Blockly on the KINI App, create a sequence that instructs KINI to escape or go through the maze. Use the measurements of the maze from the previous step to help inform your code.

Use sequential events to get the desired outcome -- Kini escaping a maze!



  1. What worked well and what didn’t? Were there any unexpected challenges?

  2. What method worked best to complete the challenge?

  3. Did you get the desired outcome? If so, how did you do it?

  4. What would you change next time?