Pin the Tail on the KINI Challenge (Ages 9-13)

Novice Level


  • KINI Robot

  • Mobile device

  • Masking/Painter’s Tape

  • Pen/Pencil

  • Ruler/Measuring Tape

  • Friends, Family Members, or Classmates!



  • Create a code for KINI with the help of your Friends/Family/Classmates 

  • Read over the code and predict where KINI will end up. The closest guess wins!



Code: A set of instructions for a computer.

Sequence: An ordered set of steps; computers need instructions with the correct sequence to perform a task.

Outcome: The result of a code. For example, the outcome could be the movement of KINI.


The Challenge

Open Blockly in the KINI App. Make sure that your Friends, Family Members or Classmates know how to add blocks to a code in Blockly. 

Take turns passing a mobile device between your group, and each person should add a block of their choice to the Repeat Once block. You can repeat this step a few times if you wish (also depending on how large your group is). The longer the sequence is, the harder this challenge will be!


Once you have your complete code, the entire group should read it over a few times and try to guess the outcome that the code will have. Then, place Kini down in an open room with lots of room around it to move. 

Without actually measuring, each person should guess where Kini will end up by placing a piece of tape on the ground where they think KINI will stop. Once everyone has locked in their guesses, run the code by pressing the orange play button in the bottom left corner. 


Check the piece of tape that is the closest to where KINI actually ends up. You may have to use a ruler or measuring tape to check if it is close! The person with the closest guess wins!


  1. What worked well when guessing? What didn’t?

  2. Did you correctly predict the outcome? If so, how?

  3. What was the best method for guessing?

  4. What would you change when guessing next time?