Let your kids experience a robotics camp in a revolutionary new way.

Give your kids a memorable March Break! Enjoy 8 interactive lessons in Downtown Toronto from March 13th-17th, 9-11am.

Register today and get a $199 Kini robot for just $327!

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You'll be amazed at the robotics skills your child develops in just eight lessons.

Explore with the
Kini robot

Your child will learn about the world around them as they explore 12 interactive sensors. Our proven lessons teach kids grade 1 and up about STEM fundamentals like 3D space, measurements, magnets, lights and more.

Make ideas a reality with coding

Your child will develop coding knowledge as they use block coding commands to control Kini. By completing engaging challenges throughout the lessons, their problem solving abilities, mathematics skills, self-confidence, and creativity will grow.

hands-on sessions

Our hands-on robotics lessons are delivered by the Colmakers team of Kini Code Champs.

Exciting Robotics Projects for Kids

With our hands-on robotics lessons, we will teach your child how to:

  • Help Kini escape from a box while building problem-solving skills.
  • Show Kini how to follow a line, light, or a magnet, sparking your kids' imagination.
  • Make Kini avoid obstacles like walls, chairs, or the family dog, while learning about distance and measurement.
  • Learn how to read, change and create code while making Kini follow instructions.

...all while you relax and enjoy your free time.

Learn Valuable Robotics and Life Skills

  • Logical thinking
  • Working and manipulating with robotic sensors
  • Blockly programming
  • Collaboration
  • Problem-solving 
  • Self-confidence

This Event Will Be Held On:

  • Monday 13th to Friday 17th March, 2023
  • 9:00 am - 11:00 am
  • Location: 325 Front Street, Toronto, ON
  • Cost: $327 (robot included)
  • Ages: 6-10


We offer robotics activities for kids. During the hands-on robotics lessons, your child will understand physics and the way the world works, along with introductory coding concepts.

What your child will learn

Lesson 1: Setup and Introduction to the Kini App

Control the robot manually, and read sensors from the dashboard.

Lesson 2: Distance Sensor

Make Kini respond to commands depending on its surroundings.

Lesson 3: Light Sensors

Understand what a photon is and how light travels using the Kini Light Sensors.

Lesson 4: Line Sensors

Teach Kini how to differentiate colors and surfaces.

Lesson 5: Magnet Sensors

See the invisible forces of magnetic fields and how birds navigate with the Kini Magnetometer.

Lesson 6: Pitch, yaw, roll sensors

Explore principles of avionics. Learn how accelerometers work with Kini.

Lesson 7: RGB LED

Make Kini change its LED color while dancing to the rhythm of a song.

Lesson 8: Final Project

Combine the lessons learned into a fun final project and explain it to the class.

Each class has up to 12 students and lasts 2 hours per session

Kini Educational Package

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Kini Robot

Comes with a FREE Kini Robot, retail price $199

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8 Hands-on lessons

Robotics lessons delivered by Colmakers team of Kini Code Champs.

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Engage with the makers community and meet ups where kids can show off their Kini tricks and skills.

TOTAL $327 (CAD) + HST

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See what parents say

"Of all the extracurricular activities that my child is enrolled in, Kini lessons is the one she is always excited to take every week."

Caro Ram

"My 6 year old daughter is in LOVE with Kini! She's learning some of the most complex and important skills that the world requires of her, but in a super fun way:  programming, robotics, and mechatronics. Just the way education should be!"

Sunny Ray

"My kids have been learning how to measure distance, magnets, temperature and develop logical thinking with Kini."

Victor Salinas

"When you order your Kini Package today, you will introduce your child to the exciting world of coding, automation, and robotics through a fun and educational camp experience."

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