Educational Robot Kini

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  • KINI makes learning to code simple and enjoyable for children, no previous experience required!
  • KINI's sensors let kids of all ages explore the world around them, while developing skills in coding, mathematics, science, and physics.
  • KINI comes with a variety of age-specific video activities and challenges that tie into the Ontario Curriculum. 
  • When your KINI arrives, you’ll be ready-to-go in no time! Everything comes assembled, just connect KINI to the Wi-Fi.
What’s in the Box:
  • KINI Robot
    • Comes prebuilt (all features listed below are included)
  • Charger
  • Instructions
    • Easily guides you through setting up your KINI robot
    KINI’s Features Include:
    • RGB LED
      • KINI’s light colours are customizable -- your child can even create code to change the colour!
    • Compass
      • KINI introduces your child to cardinal directions as they explore the World around them using the built-in compass
    • Batteries
      • KINI’s batteries last up to 8 hours (standby), with a recharge time of only 2 hours for a full charge
    • Light Sensor
      • Introduce your child to the world of light using KINI. They’ll learn about units of measurement, and can use this sensor to code KINI!
    • Line Sensor
      • The light sensor lets KINI follow a line; the possibilities for creativity with this feature are endless.
    • Speed Sensor
      • Children can learn about speed, acceleration, and other essential math and physics basics by using KINI’s speed sensor.
    • Temperature
      • With KINI’s help, kids will be introduced to temperature including how to read a thermometer, units of temperature, and coding using temperature.
    • Magnetometer 
      • Your child can discover the science of magnets by using KINI’s magnetometer to measure the strength of nearby magnets.
    • Distance Sensor
      • Kids can explore measurement and mathematics, and even create simple or complex code using KINI’s distance sensor.
    • Spatial Orientation 
      • Children will develop curiosity for mathematics and physics, as they examine KINI’s 3D orientation.
    • Wi-Fi Communication
    • API is available for developers and enthusiasts upon request.
      • KINI can be controlled by any programming language that supports API commands or WebSockets.

        Download the KINI app

        Find the KINI App (Available on iOS and Android) using your device's App Provider. Once you download the app, open it to get started.

        Connect KINI to Wi-Fi

        Using the instructions available on the App, or in your KINI Kit, connect KINI to your Wi-Fi Network.

        • Download the KINI App from your mobile device’s App Provider.
        • Turn on your charged KINI Robot and open the Settings App on your mobile device.
        • Go to the Wi-Fi in your settings, and connect to the Wi-Fi that is called "Colmakers-…"
        • Next, open the KINI App. Click on the Settings Tab in the bottom right corner.
        • Finally, choose your Wi-Fi Network from the list in the Settings Tab. Type in your Wi-Fi password, and you’re good to go!


        Discover the controls

        Take a look around the KINI App - try controlling KINI using the joystick. There are also many sensors available to use, test out a few on your own. There are endless possibilities! 

        Watch video activities

        A wide variety of age-specific video activities are available on the KINI App. To learn to code KINI, try watching a few to get the hang of things!

        Explore Blockly

        Using what you learned in the video activities, try controlling KINI using Blockly in the App. Make KINI move around the room, try changing KINI's light colours, or even make KINI do a dance routine!

        Show others!

        Once your child has created something amazing, they shouldn't be afraid to show it off! Whether they share with parents, grandparents, teachers, siblings or friends, they can be proud of something they created, all while having fun! And feel free to share Social Media too, as we love to see people having fun with KINI!